How much does a fleece jacket cost?

I was shopping at the GAP the other day looking for a cardigan or sweater. I noticed a wall of fleece zipper jackets on sale. Perfect. In typical GAP fashion, there were several different colors available – grey, baby blue, pink, etc.

I checked the price of the grey one – $15. Nice – just what I’m looking plus inexpensive. So I picked up the pink one in my size and went over the check out counter.

My total bill should’ve been around $30 + tax, but it was a few dollars more. I looked at the clerk quizzically. He said, “Oh the prices are different for the grey vs. the pink one.” Ok – I’m curious, “Why?” I asked. The response, “It’s because we have more pink in stock so it’s more expensive than the grey one.”

Did you just raise an eyebrow like I did?! Yes, according to GAP, the more something is in demand, the LESS expensive it is, but if I have TONS of it in stock, it’s MORE expensive.

Frankly, if it’s the same item, in a different color, I believe it should be the same price. Don’t get me wrong, I like the fleece jackets.

So for all you demand-supply economics majors out there, how much does a fleece jacket cost?


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