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Where Dell Succeeds, Citibank Fails

Citibank Email

As people who have read my blog, I have a bone to pick with Citibank regarding their email marketing tactics and, in my opinion, poor customer service (see here and here). I still don’t understand how they are voted one of the best. 

Mack Collier at The Viral Garden wrote about Dell’s turnaround in the social medium. If only Citibank could follow suit.

Simple ways to provide better service and participate: 

  1. Monitor and respond to any posts about Citibank

  2. Respond to snail mail letters with a letter, email or phone call

  3. Provide an unsubscribe service for those who have cancelled accounts (FYI – I was required to change my profile settings to stop the emails which I can’t do since I cancelled my email account, hence the problem) 

  4. Allow your customer service representatives to automatically cancel email notices instead of quoting a 30 day period for stopping correspondence. Obviously, this didn’t work either. Didn’t you know that email is NOT snail mail? An ability to go into a database and delete my email shouldn’t be so complicated.So I’m officially starting my Citibank Watch. How many days before I 1) hear back from Citibank and/or 2) get them to stop sending me useless email messages I can’t unsubscribe from.

Here are the dates:          # of days since my first letter to Citibank: 90 Days

# of days since writing to William R. Rhodes, CEO of Citibank: 29 Days

I’ll try to do an automatic clock. If you know of a simple code that I can add, please send me an email.  

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Plea to Citigroup: Stop Emailing Me Part Deux

Sigh. Since my original email about Citibank spamming me, I wrote directly to William R. Rhodes, CEO of Citibank (see Citibank Letter). Typically, writing to the CEO gets an immediate response. I sent this out on September 31, 2007.

And what happens?  No, I didn’t hear anything from Citibank. Instead, I received yet another a spam email (see below) that was the crux of my original frustrating situation. ARGH!

Isn’t this a great way to engage with your customers, especially when you consider I’m used both old school (snail mailing a letter) and new school (blogging about my frustration) ways to highlight my situation. 

I know I said I would write to the BBB and DMA in my last post. I thought, just thought, that writing to the CEO would actually elicit a response. Boy was I wrong. 

Check out the latest “offer” below. Note irony of adding money to an e-savings account that I closed in May.

Obviously, they’re using “updated” information about my relationship with them. Or do they think I’m expendable for the sake of getting some of their customers to click through on their offers? 

Me thinks Citibank needs to read Permission Marketing by Seth Godin.  Next stop, more letter writing…

Citibank Email

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