Recent Twitter Update and Implications for Marketing

September 1, 2010, Twitter sent an email to users regarding two new updates to its service. I found the update about moving to URL wrapping intriguing, especially this sentence:

When you click on these links from or a Twitter application, Twitter will log that click. We hope to use this data to provide better and more relevant content to you over time.

This signals more than providing protection against malicious content (which is important) and to provide better content for users. Rather, by “logging the click,” I see this as part of Twitter’s continued efforts to provide value-added services and data tracking for corporations:

  • Measurement and Analytics: The click-through rate will help with Twitter’s “Resonance” rating. While the resonance rating is part of Twitter’s Promoted Tweets campaign, there is value to provide companies – small, medium and large – access to this data, similar to a Google Analytics dashboard. Maybe Twitter can provide an entry-level offering with minimal information and then charge for for more analytics and optimization options.
  • Content Creation: One type of intelligence is understanding how your audience consumes and distributes the content. By analyzing these patterns, you can gain insight into the types of content that your audience is seeking. You can then develop a content strategy to reach and connect with your tareted audience segments.
  • Influencer Relations: By combining Twitter’s retweet information with the click-through data, you can better identify influencers within your social graph. These would be individuals whose followers not only retweet content but also takes action via click-through information. 


I’m curious to see what future developments will be introduced (or maybe acquired) by Twitter to enable individual and corporate brands to optimize their presence on Twitter. And whether or not these services are complimentary or competitive to companies like Radian6.  What do you think? Anything I’m missing?


3 responses to “Recent Twitter Update and Implications for Marketing

  1. Hi Cece,

    You’ve raised some great questions with this post. Twitter will never be the complete picture in social media, right? So while this new addition to their tracking efforts will absolutely benefit folks who will eventually take advantage of the data will provide, I think it’ll ultimately complement the data aggregated in platforms like ours. The key, of course, will be in people making the connections between data and insight; some of the suggestions you give here will definitely help folks with that.

    Nice post!



    Teresa Basich
    Community Manager, Radian6

  2. Cece — nice post, I just posted on socmed analytics today. Care to drop a comment on how you monitor/track Twitter?

    One of my clients provides the infrastructure for .co, and Twitter adopting it for their URL shortening was a big shot in the arm for the domain, which is being marketed as an alternative to .com. I think I’d better starting using it for shortening, huh?!

  3. @Teresa, thanks for the comment. I agree that right now, this would compleemnt a service like yours.

    @cparente – thanks for pointing out the article, definitely informative.