PMM Interview: Christian Jurinka of Attack Marketing

In late April, I met Christian Jurink
a of Attack Marketing at the Event Marketing Summit. I was intrigued by how guerilla marketing can reach your audience/consumers and drive them to action. And yes, that is a champion sumo wrestler in the background. Attack does work for a sumo organization and have adopted him as their “mascot.” Here is a quick summary of our conversation:

Economy’s Impact on Guerilla Marketing

  • As budgets are being constricted, really need to be more creative to connect with consumers
  • Guerilla marketing is a cost-effective way to do that while honing in on your consumers and talking with them there

Key Benefits of Guerilla Marketing

  • Proximity marketing – it’s about honing and finding key consumer and being near them
  • About driving people to retail and converting to a sell
  • Can be anywhere your consumers are and driving them to retail

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