SiriusDecisions Reseach: Implications for B2B Marketers

Per a press release by Sirius Decisions, the research finds that best-in-class companies are “…rejecting a ‘defensive posture’ by still working to close deals or at least lay groundwork for future business despite buyer anxiety and retrenchment,” notes Alden Cushman, SiriusDecisions’ research director and benchmarking analyst.”

The goal is to position the company for when the economic upswing happens. Key points in the release included:

  • 44 percent to reduce marketing spend for 2009
  • 25 percent will report flat spending
  • Spending on advertising will decline by 17 percent and events down by 12 percent
  • Focus is moving from lead generation to lead maturation

Next steps for your marketing efforts

What does this mean for you?

  • Be very clear about who your target audience is and what influences this audience to make a purchase decision which means
  • Refine your definition of a “sales-ready” lead by communicating with your sales team
  • Create an aggressive lead nurturing program to move prospects through the funnel to deliver “sales-ready” leads to your salesforce
  • Take this opportunity to leapfrog your competition by investing in areas that will increase your company’s awareness and value proposition to your key audiences

What other recommendations would you make?

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One response to “SiriusDecisions Reseach: Implications for B2B Marketers

  1. Hello Cece,

    Thanks for picking up on one of our recent press releases. I like your “next step marketing efforts.” And I couldn’t agree more with you, the public relations function should be an integral and integrated part of any organization’s marketing function. Thanks again.

    Alden Cushman