The F*cking Worst Week of My Life

"Pink Slipped"

"Pink Slipped"

Forgive me as I go off-topic today, but it’s been single-handedly, the worst f*cking week of my life! If you haven’t figured out from the photo, that’s me wearing pink slippers in honor of the pink slip I got last week. This is the first time I’ve ever, ever been laid off, so I was in shock on Thursday.  

I just went home, curled up into a fetal position for two days trying to figure out – mind my language – what the f*ck are we doing to do! I felt like a worthless piece of crap.


Now, if only the sick joke stopped there. Unfortunately, my husband was laid off from his company on Monday. It’s as if we’re getting a double whammy of fate here.


Believe me – we’ve gone through all the emotions. Shock, anger, fear, and now resignation. We’re so numb from the various emotions washing over us that we just blankly stare at each other. We make sarcastic jokes about what we’re going to do. Even the prospect of losing our home, health or sanity seems funny to us right now. I mean, when you’re in survival mode – everything seems funny. What else can be worse, right?


I take comfort in the positive response I’ve received from former colleagues, friends, and others in the industry. It reassures me that I’m not a worthless piece of crap. People valued my work. They’re willing to vouch for it.


I am genuinely moved by the outpouring of response to help forward my resume around, to provide a reference, or just to listen to me air out out my fears.


No matter how uncertain the future is, I do know that with my husband – the love of my life – family and friends, we will get past the current rough patch.


As a way to stay sane, I will be writing a blog titled Survival Mode. It’s one of the ways to stay sane during this insane time.

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6 responses to “The F*cking Worst Week of My Life

  1. Cece,
    Sorry to hear the bad news about you and your husband losing jobs the same week. Ouch. Hang in their and look at this situation as a “minor inconvenience and you’ll get back up again. Being knocked down only makes your stronger so the best thing to do is to just start doing something -anything.

    I’ll be happy to spread around that you’re available. Ping me something next week or come to the UGX event in San Jose that should be a good event for finding some new projects.

    Hang tough and you’ll be ok.


  2. Thanks John, I will definitely take you up on your offer =). I’ll look into the UGX event and see if I can go. If so, let’s try to connect.


  3. Cece, let me know how I can help, you know how to contact me. Stand strong, both of you.

  4. Pat Sorensen

    Cece –
    You will live through this and come out much better because of it. (What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger). But it is still tough and scary.

    I know just where you are because I just got laid off a couple weeks ago. This was also first time in my life I’ve ever been let go and I’ve been working since 1974! My husband was also laid off in November and we have 2 kids, a killer mortgage, plus my in-laws live with us. So don’t forget that things could certainly be much worse than they are. . .you can always find someone else in more dire straights than you are!

    So now is certainly a good time to count your blessings: faith, family, friends, health, humor, love, and a brighter future coming somewhere down the road. What a great time to explore other options open to you! Take a breather to decompress from your hectic work schedule. Find ways to live simpler (aka “cheaper”). Spend time you didn’t have before with your hubby (there are plenty of free things you can enjoy doing together). Read, learn, network and take advantage of this transition period because it really is a gift – just not one that you enjoy unwrapping!

    Remember – never a door closes but a window will open. Open your mind to the possibilities and they will flow right in!

    Good luck with your job search and know you are not alone!

    Hang in there!
    Pat Sorensen

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  6. @jeremiah – thanks for all your help
    @pat – your words are truly inspirational. thanks so much!