How to Beat the Summer (Blogging) Slump Meme

I was tagged by Larissa Fair of Livingston Buzz for a meme on how to beat the summer blogging slump.  It’s been crazy busy at work but here’s my responses to Larissa:

4 things you like about summer

  • Warm, sunny days now that I live up in  North Bay. If you’ve ever been to San Francisco in the summer, you know what I mean.
  • Lounging around on the deck with a drink in hand
  • Being lazy with more sunlight to waste
  • Napping, well, because it’s my hobby =)

4 of your favorite vacation destinations

  • Hawaii, especially Maui where I got married
  • Paris when it’s just rained and it smells so fresh outside
  • Kaoshiung, Taiwan – it’s the southern most part of the island that is gorgeous
  • Wine country – it’s so close to the Bay Area, you can take a quick 1 or 2 day trip to get away

4 of your favorite summer foods

  • Corn on the cob, especially when it sticks in your teeth
  • Frest watermelon on a warm summer’s night
  • Margaritas. Need I say more?
  • BBQs – anything on a grill just reminds me of summer

4 concerts not to miss (note, I’m not a big music person, so this list is incomplete)

  • Stern Grove concert series – every Sunday, a new musical act comes into town for a concert
  • KFOG Kaboom – thought not technically held in the summer, the annual May event says that summer is around the corner

4 things to avoid during the summer

  • Working outside in the hot sun
  • Bugs bits – they just love my blood
  • Staying at work too long – need to balance work/life balance, right?
  • Getting wrapped up in everything that needs to be done (prob with Type A’s =)

As I haven’t been able to see who’s been tagged for this meme, I apologize in advance if you’ve already participated. Julius Solaris, Chris Brogan, Cam Beck, and Teena Touch.

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2 responses to “How to Beat the Summer (Blogging) Slump Meme

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  2. Thanks Cece! I want to travel to Taiwan (where I was born) one day, you’ll have to give me tips! 🙂