The Best Time for a Webinar?

WebinarKen Molay of The Webinar Blog poses an interesting question – are our assumptions about when to schedule a webinar rational?  


Currently, most webinars are scheduled from Tuesday – Thursday to capture the largest number of viewers. But why are Monday and Friday ignored? Ken wants to hold this survey to see what you – people who attend webinars – truly think.


Please take a moment to fill out the survey. Though “unscientific” I think this will provide some interesting perspective about the timing of webinars.


In reviewing the survey, I realize Ken was seeking to get a quick pulse and minimize drop off. I wished Ken had included one question asking about industry or role. This would provide invaluable information to marketers on how to schedule webinars that may target a specific industry or management level.


For example, would financial services people want events earlier in the day or after the markets close? Would senior executives respond differently than marketing managers?


I think this survey is in the right direction. It’ll be interesting to see how this evolves.



Disclosure: My company provides webcasting solutions which can be used for webinars.









2 responses to “The Best Time for a Webinar?

  1. As a student in the PR track of Mass Communication at Towson University, I have recently came across the subject of webinars. Webinars can be defined as a type of web conference, usually one-way, from the speaker to the audience with limited audience interaction. As Ken Molay stated above, most webinars are scheduled from Tuesday – Thursday to capture the largest number of viewers, posing the question “Why aren’t webinars schedules on Friday?”. As someone who is not that familiar with webinars, but has a common sense of the subject, I believe that webinars ignore Friday’s because of the fact most people will use Friday as a day to travel, or leisure time, leaving no room for responses. The time slot of Tuesday to Thursday gives the people enough time to participate in a webinar, without the worry of the weekend, which is usually meant for family’s and friend’s. That said, I would like to pose to question, Why is Monday ignored when focusing on a webinar?

  2. @Dave as you mentioned that Fridays tend to be when people travel or for leisure, I believe Mondays is when people are trying to get a start on the week. You’re trying to read all the emails from the weekend and determine what the priorities are. This may explain why webinars are not scheduled on Mondays.