The Value of Tradeshows

Tradeshow FloorI noticed a recent spat of posts about tradeshows. Some discuss the value of participating in the show while others discuss the “emergence” of virtual tradeshows. At one point in my career, I had focused on conferences and speaking engagements – originally with Niehaus Ryan Wong’s Speakers Bureau and eventually starting the Conference Strategies for Blanc & Otus. 

From a PR perspective, I view conferences as an opportunity to establish thought leadership and to increase a company’s awareness. However, it’s also important to understand how this fits within the marketing mix for organizations. Attending a show is not a small endeavor for a company. It’s costly, requires staff and must provide concrete results in the form of sales gold – the almighty sales lead. These folks have done a great job as discussing the value of tradeshows:

Disclosure – my company has developed online conferences and events and provide live and on-demand streaming webcasts into virtual tradeshows for organizations.  




5 responses to “The Value of Tradeshows

  1. Trade shows can be very exhausting and you cannot always predict bountiful results for your businesses. However, it is an effective way of making and establishing connections. I haven’t heard of a virtual trade show yet but I imagine it operates similarly to Second Life. Guess I’d better read up on the links you shared!

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  3. csalomonlee

    @Julie – Actually, virtual trade shows aren’t like Second Life, which seeks to facilitate interaction between people. I would say the word “virtual” is a misnomer in this case. It’s more of an online component of the show that seeks to complement the live show.

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  5. trade shows can be a lot of work but you will be able to establish connections with other companies.