PRMeetsMarketing Weekly Articles: February 28, 2008

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Building RelationshipsValerie Valeria Maltoni of Conversation Agent discusses how revealing yourself is a key part of building relationships. As part of this post, Valerie provides her 4 good and bad things to do when pitching her.

Reinventing Journalism – Though written last week, I found Scott Karp’s post on Feb. 20th about reinventing journalism interesting. If more publications move to including links from other sources, how does this impact PR? And from a press room perspective, what is the value of creating a useful resource that also links to “competitive” coverage?

One Chair Creates Conversation -The Lonely Marketer had an interesting post about how a person created internal conversation at her company. All you need is two chairs, a sign and a person willing to listen. IMO, the last part is sometimes the most difficult thing to find.

The Emperor Has No Clothes – I frankly couldn’t improve on the title of this post by Michelle Golden of Golden Practices. In this post, Michelle discussed how her brutal honesty in reviewing CPA websites has won her fans. This wasn’t done with “marketing” in mind, but rather to share her expertise and provide counsel. This positions her as a thought leader and expert. And isn’t that what PR and marketing is all about?

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3 responses to “PRMeetsMarketing Weekly Articles: February 28, 2008

  1. Thank you for the link, Cece. Good finding a blog I did not know about in your list as well. That will make for good reading, I’m sure.

  2. @Valeria – Oops! my bad on misspelling your name. I’ve made the correction and thanks for your comment. I’m always looking out for new blogs and inspiration. Best!

  3. Wow, Cece, thank you SO much for your very kind words about my post. Comments on that post have been more sparse than i imagined so your pick-up is all the more meaningful to me. Thanks for keeping my blog on your radar screen. I really enjoy your blog a lot!