Celebrex Ad Missed the Mark

Celebrex TV AdThe other day, my husband and I were watching TV and saw this ad. With a blue background, the images were being outlined by words – I’m assuming it was a transcript of the voiceover?  

The way the announcer was proceeding, we thought the ad was an anti NSAID commercial. It described the risks of NSAIDs, including Celebrex. 

We were VERY surprised when the advert was actually for Celebrex. This was a little bit counter intuitive. You’re trying to SELL a drug by discussing what the problems are with them to begin with?  

Pharma Marketing Blog also provides a good break down from the industry perspective.  

But from a consumer perspective, won’t this backfire. Is it just me? You be the judge. Check out the Celebrex ad here.   

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