Spam I Am, Green Eggs and Spam!


This can of worms got started with Chris Anderson’s post regarding his frustration with PR spam. David Meerman Scott chimes in his post about blocking PR folks as well.

As someone who tries not to send obvious form letters, this is both refreshing and disconcerting. Even good PR folks may not hit the mark all the time, so what happens – would they get blocked for a slightly off target pitch? At least my name wasn’t included. Phew! 

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2 responses to “Spam I Am, Green Eggs and Spam!

  1. Not at all! I would never block you if you do what you describe.

    I’m not against pitches and press releases. A well crafted pitch gets my attention.

    What I hate is when I am one of 500 or 1000 journalists who get a generic message from a PR person that has nothing to do me or with what I cover. Just an hour ago I got a press release about a chip manufacturer that did a deal with Nokia. That has absolutely nothing to do with what I cover!! Why should that PR person have the right to waste my time?


    David Meerman Scott

  2. Your honesty on Chris’s blog makes you seem transparent and real. As cliche as the golden rule is – it applies offline and online.

    I like what you have to say on your blog and will listen to you because you come across as being honest and really honesty pays off.

    Cheers – Eric